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Using some of the most advanced technologies available in the marketplace to date, Voyager's technology solutions are built on a growing suite of open sourced modules, which are seamlessly integrated into our PROFITS platform. These highly flexible web-services based modules can be included or excluded, as required to create the prefect synergy with any particular business model and for any size organization from a single platform.

Voyager's technology gives the versatility to support complex product ranges. Client inventory contracts can be combined with Seamless XML Integration to global distribution service providers, and/or providers of other third-party products and/or information to create rich content.

From sourcing travel products to automated supplier payments, Voyager's PROFITS system provides an End-to End solution covering the four main areas of most Business Operations; Bookings, Sales, Post-Sales and financial reconciliation. Each function is designed for a specific task, combined with flexible user rights and real-time reporting; business processes are optimized to increase productivity and profitability.

Features Overview:

  • Scalability & Performance - The two core features in the design of the Voyager application architecture are scalability and performance.
  • Standards - Voyager's PROFITS platform supports the travel industry XML specifications developed by the OpenTravelTM Alliance.
  • Ease of Implementation - Interfaces for both the provider and supplier have been designed to allow for inclusion into the PROFITS platform with minimum cost and time to market. For suppliers, providing product inventory to the platform may be easily accommodated through a variety of web services applications, utilizing Voyager's current specification or implementing a supplier's XML schema.
  • Product/services Diversity - For the travel products provider, the Profits platform allows them to expand distribution of their products to a broad range of new markets without any additional work to their applications and without investing large amounts of money.
  • Inventory Control - Both PROFITS providers and suppliers maintain control over their customers and rate integrity, respectively. PROFITS suppliers control exactly what inventory they wish to make available to the channel providers based on contractual or historical data. While the channel providers may choose to display all or any part of the available supplier's inventory based on such factors as profit margins, price, etc.

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