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Voyager Partner Services is a collection of services, technology and tools for the acquiring, selling and accounting of travel products. The foundation of these services is PROFITS.

PROgram For Internet Travel Sales.

PROFITS is for the most part is a vendor collaboration and sales reporting mechanism; combining supply-chain management, sales channel product configuration, sales reporting, and customer itinerary/traveled data into one integrated system.

Utilizing Web Services architecture, this purpose-built XML application is the mechanism used by our channel partners and clients to create travel packages for sale on the internet - providing such products and services as; hotel rooms, car rental, ground transfers, meals, or tours.

PROFITS is a database system. It tracks, records and stores the financial transaction and allocates funds among the suppliers or partner organizations. It hosts the real time inventory of the goods and services being bought and sold through the channel. The PROFITS system incorporates the Open Travel Alliance (OTA) standards and XML structure that ensures it maximum flexibility and growth potential.

PROFITS delivers traveler's itinerary information and messaging to the various vendors who provide products sold on our web sites; enhancing the vendors ability to view the traveler's plan and react to any unforeseen changes or emergencies.

PROFITS is used by suppliers to validate a traveler's arrival at each location by entering the voucher number into the system, thus facilitating prompt payment for services rendered.

Its security features are built into the system via unique client profiles and data schema - which allows/supports maximum client customization. All users have control over their products and the inventory allocations contracted to each program or provider.

Suppliers such as:

  • Land Operators
  • Land Products i.e., ground transfers, excursions, restaurants, attractions, vehicle rental, bus operators, etc.
  • Hotel properties of all sizes
  • Groups of Suppliers i.e., B&B Associations, Lodges Associations, etc.

All these suppliers will have secure access to PROFITS, giving them the following opportunities:

  • Add reservation capabilities to their websites and stimulate their sales
  • Give direct access to rates and inventory to preferred intermediaries:
    • Tour Operators
    • Travel Agents
  • Integrated "Back-Office" capabilities
  • Distribution flexibility and control
  • Inventory and Pricing adjustments in real time
  • Control over commission structures by type of intermediary

When combined with Voyager's direct airline access, supplies may enjoy:

  • Instant combination with Air Itineraries
  • Dynamic packaging by combining with other Land products

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