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While dynamic packages drives online sales, the major component is Voyager's PROFITS system that offers:

  • An easily managed, standardized set-up process for packages, and included components that integrates to your web sales template; completing set-up activates the package on the web
  • A facility for linking package component suppliers into PROFITS
  • A component inventory management system
  • A real time booking system for all package components with supplier confirmation back
  • Online documentation system for printing itineraries, coupons, etc.
  • Secure online information and reporting system for consumers, travel agents, and suppliers - each accessing only their own information
  • High-level profitability reporting - real time

Package component suppliers' access PROFITS to set-up their services, create and maintain inventory, view bookings, access sales reporting, and coordinate invoicing and payments. PROFITS offers suppliers flexible access. They may communicate with PROFITS in a fully automated mode utilizing Open Travel Alliance (OTA) standard XML communications. Or suppliers may access and set up their individual database partitions manually via secure Internet access. The "creator" or marketer of the package is freed of responsibility for setting up and maintaining supplier information, inventories, etc., in an in-house system. This allows for rapid and strategic deployment of dynamic packages for sale, with a high level of accuracy for component supplier information and inventories.

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