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Voyager Technologies has developed a sophisticated, comprehensive eCommerce system for providers of travel services. Voyager Partner Services (VPS) is a collection of services, technology and tools for the acquiring, selling and accounting of travel products. The foundation of this system is Voyagers' PROFITS platform. The fundamental design concept is: to make it easy for online consumers to determine the available dates for travel at your promotional rate, without the frustration of trial and error inherent in traditional booking engines - and then facilitate immediate, uncomplicated purchase and document fulfillment via the internet.

Voyager's Internet Merchandising system is:

  • Unique
  • Flexible for our travel suppliers
  • Easy for consumers to use
  • Secure
  • Proven effective

Leisure consumers are seeking both a rich travel experience, and a price level that fits their budget. Voyager's Internet Merchandising facilitates using creative sales offers to leisure consumers with both travel options and restrictions that are difficult to market via legacy booking engines. Our approach allows the airline to market its unique route strengths, and channel purchases to specific routes, flights, and/or dates, with creative sales offers that will keep the customer at your web site, and away from competitors. Voyager's Internet Merchandising system eliminates complexity that is often a barrier to the online consumer when selling complex itineraries or restrictive fares.

Internet Merchandising offers an array of sales options that our airline clients may utilize independently or in combinations. Our developers work closely with your e-commerce staff to ensure your Internet Merchandising applications achieve your targeted sales objectives.

Voyager's Internet Merchandising unique capabilities include:

  • Multi-stop, stopover, circle, and open jaw itineraries - with pricing tied to selected options
  • Easily offer highly restricted or non-daily inventory availability, without losing consumers
  • A variety of sell-up capabilities, without losing consumers
  • Package sales

Airline sales and marketing personnel can utilize Voyager's highly targeted methodology to sell specific inventory that is unlikely to be sold through your primary channels.

This methodology also has a low probability of incurring a widespread competitive response to your targeted sales initiatives. Most importantly, Voyager's technology does not divert your Internet customers to any other airlines' offers.

Voyager's Internet Merchandising is not intended to replace your legacy booking engine that meets the needs of the business traveler, and customer's that must travel on specific dates.

Our e-commerce business model is intended to enhance the airline's sales capability by focusing on the following:

  • International airlines
  • Leisure discretionary travelers seeking:
    • A specific promotional offer, or price level
    • Complex itineraries / tourism opportunities
    • Packages
  • Merchandising seat inventory that is likely to be unsold through normal channels
  • Highly targeted, short-duration promotions
  • Online auctions

Voyager's role in your direct merchandising effort is transparent.

Travel Agents and Corporate accounts - Voyager's Internet Merchandising system may also be deployed as a travel agency or corporate account sales and booking venue. In this case a login is provided, and online reporting is available at either the agency or corporate account level. The system may employ a 'book and hold' concept for these categories, as opposed to the instant purchase method that is typical of online booking systems. The fare level or compensation arrangement included in the program may be unique to each agency or corporate entity.

Security - Successful online merchandising increasingly is dependent on consumer confidence in the security of your transaction processing. Credit card issuers are now establishing significant fines or penalties for loss of customer credit card information over the Internet. Voyager has established site security for our online services that provides the highest level of transaction security, and meets the stringent security criteria established by the bankcard associations. Voyager's customers may rely on these security arrangements for credit card transactions, in lieu of attempting to meet these standards through in-house security programs.

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