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Large numbers of travel packages being offered online, most of which direct the consumer to call or e-mail the seller to complete the purchase. Voyager has developed a dynamic packaging system to offer travel packages, including availability and online booking. Since travel agents are a primary source of leisure travel sales, e-Package has been designed for use by travel agents, as well as end consumers.

A key concept of the system allows users to easily determine the choice of dates for travel on the package, when all the critical package components (i.e. air and hotel) are simultaneously available.

Voyager's easily understood active calendar shows date choices when the required combination of components is available. Optional components may then be chosen based on availability during the date period selected. ePackage facilitates easy online purchase of the entire package with online confirmation from all the component suppliers. For the online leisure traveler, this is the ultimate in one-stop shopping!

Voyager's ePackage Merchandising:

  • Is easily used by travel agents or end consumers
  • A secure inventory system for package components
  • A real time booking system for package components
  • Provides confirmation numbers/codes from all component providers that are booked
  • Travel agent service fees may be included in the package price - transparent to consumer
  • Prints itinerary and accountable documents for the package
  • Provides secure access to transaction information for the end user, travel agent, component supplier, and packager. Each accessing their own proprietary information.

Airlines sometimes attempt to simulate dynamic packaging by providing their customers with additional services or accommodations by simply including a link to the supplier's site, but this does not permit the customer to easily determine the combined availability of all the services of interest, and may result in loss of the consumer to another venue. Tour operators often do a great job 'selling' packages online, but then process the request of the customer manually using an e-mail request format. This adds cost, and for the online consumer, this lacks the desirable immediacy of Voyager's ePackage merchandising application.

Voyager's e-Package system permits airlines, tour operators and others to readily implement online package sales, with full online booking capability. It couples the online system with back office administrative functions and sales reporting. This permits Voyager's customers to serve the growing demand for leisure package purchases without developing either online or internal operating systems for this purpose.

While ePackages drives online sales, the key is Voyager's PROFITS platform and its powerful back-office functionality:

PROFITS provides:

  • An easily managed, standardized set-up process for packages, and included components that integrates to your web sales template; completing set-up activates the package on the web
  • A facility for linking package component suppliers into PROFITS
  • A component inventory management system
  • A real time booking system for all package components with supplier confirmation back
  • Online documentation system for printing itineraries, coupons, etc.
  • Secure online information and reporting system for consumers, travel agents, and suppliers - each accessing only their own information
  • High-level profitability reporting - real time

Suppliers of travel products and services access PROFITS to set-up their services, create and maintain inventory, view bookings, access sales reporting, and coordinate invoicing and payments. PROFITS offers suppliers flexible access. They may communicate with PROFITS in a fully automated mode utilizing Open Travel Alliance (OTA) standard XML communications. Suppliers adhering to the OTA standard may participate with your in e-Package sales with minimal development effort. Or smaller suppliers may access and set up their areas of responsibility manually via secure Internet access. The packager is freed of responsibility for setting up and maintaining supplier information, inventories, etc., in an in-house system. This allows rapid implementation of packages for sale, and a high level of accuracy for component supplier information and inventories.

Successful online merchandising increasingly is dependent on consumer confidence in the security of your transaction processing. Credit card issuers are now establishing significant fines or penalties for loss of customer credit card information over the Internet. Voyager has established site security for our online services that provides the maximum level of transaction security, and meets the stringent security criteria established by the bankcard associations. Voyager's customers may rely on these security arrangements for credit card transactions, in lieu of attempting to meet these standards through in-house security programs.

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