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A new choice in online travel marketing

Voyager Technologies offers an alternative to the traditional business models to make online travel marketing better for everyone suppliers and sellers alike. How are we different from all the others? Take a look

Voyager Technologies - is a small unique technology company who has carved its niche in the travel industry by delivering applications that are outside the traditional booking model. Voyager's technology is founded upon a philosophy that the leisure traveler is both "price-driven" and destination driven. These are savvy consumers searching for the best value for their vacation dollars. To ensure a good experience, resulting in a sale of your product, the booking process should be quick, easy and present the information to the customer in a clear and concise manner. Show them what they are looking for - not just what you can get out of a GDS system.

Voyager is a technology company - providing B2B and branded B2C eCommerce products and solutions to the global travel industry. Our solutions encompass every aspect of a travel sales transaction from booking to financial settlement. All components connect at the wholesale and retail level bringing providers and consumers together for a true full-service channel with a robust suite of tools to manage the sales process.

Voyager specializes - in highly complex, customized eCommerce Booking applications such as Dynamic Packaging systems, air-only web specials (i.e.; Stop-overs, Open-jaws, multi-stop AirPass interactive maps) and Fare Finders. Each system integrates seamlessly with their PROFITS system which is the single-point merchandising platform which aggregates the travel products and services being hosted through the system.

Voyager is a perfect fit - for organizations that require flexible, easy-to-use solutions delivering increased revenues, reduced costs and superior customer service. Our solutions empower travel companies with low cost of ownership, rapid time to production and high returns on their technology investment.

Voyager's business strategy - is driven by an XML based, purpose-built platform that serves as the foundation from which all our product solutions function. Voyager has been a member of the Open Travel Alliance from its early inception and has fully embraced and integrated these new industry standards into our systems architecture. Voyager's eCommerce solutions are delivering unique, innovative booking applications; for complex web-only air specials and destination oriented dynamic packaging booking systems, utilizing a purpose-built, single-point neutral platform PROFITS for all participating suppliers and sellers alike.

Voyager has served the travel industry with leading-edge technology products and solutions for more than 30 years. Our clients embody some of the industries premier organizations from airlines to tour operators. Today, millions of online travel transactions are processed through Voyager's systems - delivering superior time-tested tools that enable our clients to achieve their business and financial goals - make Voyager your technology partner.

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Voyager Technologies
Voyager Technologies
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