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Voyager Technologies offers its customers a live Internet airline seat auction called Quik Auctions. A patented technology, this product gives our airline customers a vehicle to maximize the yield on distressed sale inventory, achieve a low distribution cost on discounted seats and conduct sales with low promotional expenditures.

Quik Auctions features the following:

A declining price auction. The auction begins at a price level designated by the airline, and declines toward your pre-established floor level every 10 seconds. Each auction runs for a preset period of time. Typically, 4 minutes. Auctions can run continuously as long as there is inventory available for sale.

Live, fast paced, and highly interactive
. Participants observe both price declines, and remaining inventory available to the current auction. Since the participant is not sure when the remaining inventory will be purchased – a buy decision is made when the price level represents a good value to the purchaser. Importantly, the purchaser receives immediate feedback confirming a successful bid. Unlike more traditional fare sales, many purchasers will pay more than the floor level sales price.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing systems
. The Quik-Auctions application builds a reservation (PNR) for the purchaser in the airline's central reservations system.

Scalable design. The auction is scalable and can accommodate both a large database of inventory/dates and a large number of participants.

Highly secure. Quik-Auction employs state-of-the-art online security software to protect the participants’ proprietary information.

Low distribution costs. There are no agency commissions or CRS booking fees in an auction. Your costs are limited to Voyager’s low transaction fees.

Airlines may easily respond to demand. Quik-Auctions allows airline yield managers to add inventory at any time. For example, if seats are being purchased at higher than anticipated average prices, your yield managers may elect to offer additional inventory for sale.

Static Weekly/Daily Specials. In addition to auctions, airlines may elect to promote static price specials that participants may purchase at any time via the auction site.

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